1. We’re growing more and more every day. Say hello to the new corner of the office. 

  2. Celebrating our 9th bday on our gorgeous roof deck. 

  3. Interview with a Carrot: Lloyd

    Meet Lloyd, a strategist at Carrot: 

    1. Tell us about a time you were onstage: I made an exceedingly short and awkward speech as the delegate from Iraq at an Atlanta-area Model UN. I quoted “Forrest Gump.”
    2. Describe where you grew up in five words: on Army bases, in suburbs
    3. First AIM name: LJsquirtle (my goodness what was I thinking?)
    4. What you wanted to be when you grew up, while in elementary school: a soldier, like my Dad
    5. A Childhood photo:

  4. In case you missed creativemornings last week, here are our notes! (And a blog.) Enjoy! 

  5. When standing desks go from working to bro-working. 

  6. Introducing our micro agency: CHMBRY

  7. We’ve got a new Twitter handle: @carrotquotewall. Check out all the things said (and caught) in DUMBO. 

  8. Interview With a Carrot: Don

     Meet Don, our Director of Sports & Entertainment:

    1. Coolest place you’ve ever been? The bull rings in Southern Spain – Ronda and Seville. As a Hemmingway fan – especially of The Dangerous Summer and The Sun Also Rises -  I was particularly in awe posing with the Cayetano Ordóñez statue at Plaza de Toros de Ronda.
    2. Best celebrity sighting? Max Weinberg walked onto my elevator at 30 Rock… the closest this Jersey guy has ever gotten to the Boss. When we were getting off, I said, “I’m sorry to be ‘that guy,’ but this might be the only chance I get to meet an E Street Band member; do you mind taking a picture?”  He said, something to the along the lines of, “If you were Paul McCartney, I’d have been ‘that guy’ too.”​
    3. First CD you purchased: Zooropa was the first CD I bought with my own money. Bonus: My first cassettes were Born in the USAThriller and The Beach Boys Greatest Hits.
    4. The name of your first car: 1987 Volkswagen Quantum – They were so shitty, they stopped making them after like 2 years.
    5. What expression do you love or hate most; why? “Putting on airs.” It would be below me to have to explain to you why it is such a wonderful expression.
  9. Interview With a Carrot: Emily

    Meet Emily, our UX Designer:

    1. If you could live off of one food/meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Enchiladas with extra cheese, please.
    2. What superpower do you wish you had? Teleportation. Plane tickets are expensive and who wouldn’t want to visit another country for dinner? 
    3. Best advice you’ve ever been given. "You do you" - Steve
    4. What did you want to be when you grew up in elementary school? I distinctly remember driving past the Washington Post headquarters and wanting to be the person who picked how stories were laid out in the newspaper. That’s super nerdy, but I ended up in UX so I guess I somewhat achieved my childhood dream job?
    5. Childhood Photo:


  10. Meet Graeme, a designer at Carrot: 
    1. What superpower do you wish you had? The ability to pause time. I’d hit the pause time button when my alarm goes off in the morning instead of the snooze button. Obviously I’d use it to save lives and stuff too. But mostly for sleeping.
    2. Tell us about a time you were on stage or an award you won: I once won a live Photoshop battle against 7 other designers. We were all on stage in front of 250 people and were judged on three ‘design challenges.’ (We won.)
    3. First CD you purchased: I bought 2 singles at the same time: Jamiroquai - Canned Heat, and a terrible song called C’est La Ve by Irish girl band B*Witched. It’s pretty bad.
    4. Cats or Dogs? Dogs because reason one; reason two; reason three:
    5. Best celebrity sighting? I’m really bad at spotting celebrities, but my friend was visiting recently and he fell on a famous man on the subway as it left the station. Later that evening we saw the famous man on TV presenting Ice Hockey. Still have no idea who he was so if anyone knows that would be great. Here he is on the TV:
  11. Interview with a Carrot: Alexis

    Meet Alexis, our Director of People and Culture… aka vneckandacardigan:
    1. Worst pickup line used on you? That you’ve used? A guy came up to me in a bar in the early 2000s and asked “What modern country is Mesopotamia?”- I responded with the correct answer, Iraq and Syria. He most definitely didn’t expect for me to have the right answer. Little did he realize I’m a nerd, and love History. So he just sort of looked shocked and said “Oh, ya…that’s right actually. Well…. nice meeting you.” I always wondered what the second part of that pick up line was. As for me, one time I went up to a guy in a bar and asked if he was eating a s’more and where he got it. I mostly just wanted the s’more. So, you can see where my mind’s at. 
    2. Tell us about a time you were on stage. I sang “Unbreak My Heart” with my friends in a 6th grade talent show. It was beyond embarrassing because everyone else at the talent show was telling funny jokes or dancing as their talent. We just looked like a bunch of weird, sad 12 year olds.
    3. First CD you purchased. Michael Jackson’s Dangerous. This is also the only piece of street cred I have, or ever will have.
    4. Activity you participated in as a child: I did basically every sport or activity for at least a year. I tried my hand, and quit, at painting, piano, karate, hip hop dance (sigh), basketball, softball, baseball (feminism right there), and so on. Eventually my parents just refused to buy me any more sports equipment.
    5. Your best celebrity sighting. A few months after he won the Oscar for Lincoln, I saw Daniel Day Lewis sitting at a bar in a restaurant in the West Village. He just looked so normal and was casually enjoying his drink with his wife.
    Also, here’s some little Lammie photos: