1. Interview with a Carrot: Mike K.

    Meet Mike K, an analyst:
    1. If you could live off of one food/meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Bacon Cheeseburgers
    2. Describe where you grew up in 5 words: Small town, on the bay
    3. Best advice you’ve ever been given: "Watch each card you play, and take it slow"
    4. Fun fact about yourself: I play a mean guitar
    5. Childhood photo: 
  2. This week on “Dog @carrotcreative”: Berkeley. #dogsofcarrot (at Carrot Creative)

  3. Today we made dreams come true with a piñata full of GoGo squeeZ. Happy Birthday, @matthewtbond! (at Carrot Creative)

  4. @Barillaus Executive Chef, @cheflorenzoboni, paid us a visit today. #CiaoLorenzo! (at Carrot Creative)

  5. We’re growing more and more every day. Say hello to the new corner of the office. 

  6. Celebrating our 9th bday on our gorgeous roof deck. 

  7. Interview with a Carrot: Lloyd

    Meet Lloyd, a strategist at Carrot: 

    1. Tell us about a time you were onstage: I made an exceedingly short and awkward speech as the delegate from Iraq at an Atlanta-area Model UN. I quoted “Forrest Gump.”
    2. Describe where you grew up in five words: on Army bases, in suburbs
    3. First AIM name: LJsquirtle (my goodness what was I thinking?)
    4. What you wanted to be when you grew up, while in elementary school: a soldier, like my Dad
    5. A Childhood photo:

  8. In case you missed creativemornings last week, here are our notes! (And a blog.) Enjoy! 

  9. When standing desks go from working to bro-working. 

  10. Introducing our micro agency: CHMBRY

  11. We’ve got a new Twitter handle: @carrotquotewall. Check out all the things said (and caught) in DUMBO.