1. prweek:

    Have you checked out Target’s first Instagram campaign yet? The retailer launched a virtual trick-or-treat game in which users can tap houses on Instagram that unlock photo tutorials of crafts and snacks for Halloween. Carrot Creative developed the campaign.

  2. We SUR[G]E know how to stay energized, @carrotcreative. (at Carrot Creative)

  3. Happy #Carrotversary to our favorite Canadian, Kurt! #ketchupforeveryone (at Carrot Creative)

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  5. Interview with a Carrot: Marissa

    Meet Marissa, an Assistant Account Executive:

    1. Best celebrity sighting? Steven Tyler. I physically ran into him in Disney World when I was 10 years old. Pro: I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Con: None of my classmates knew who he was.

    2. Best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn: Baby Bop & Barney with my childhood best friend. Thanks Mom!


    3. Which reality star do you most closely relate to? Why? LC from the Hills. She’s passionate about what she does, which is what allows her to be so successful. LC’s not afraid to stand up for herself or her friends.


    4. Favorite Drink? G&T 

    5. You’re stuck on an island for one day, what 3 things do you bring? 

    1. Lilly (my puppy)


    2. Plenty of Mr. Softee ice cream

    3. iPod fully loaded with Mr. and Mrs. Carter


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